Knoxville Greyhound station moves for third time this year

Kirkwood Street becomes new location for Greyhound bus stop
Kirdwood Street becomes new location for Greyhound bus stop.
Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 11:23 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Since Greyhound moved their Old City bus stop to Cherry Street in April, there has been complaints from passengers and people in the area.

Now if you want to ride a Greyhound bus in Knoxville you’ll have to go to Kirkwood Street where Greyhound is using the KAT bus stop as one of their own.

“Oh no... that was it.. no,” said concerned resident McArthur Douglass when he learned the news of the new location.

He showed concern because it’s the same place where kids take the bus to school, and is worried about the safety of kids in East Knoxville.

Other complaints are similar to the ones voiced at the Cherry Street location as there remains no indoor waiting area or restrooms for people to use.

“They need to be in the building; it’s winter time they don’t need to be in the elements,” said Douglass.

Due to complaints and the quick changes in bus stop locations, the Burlington community met together to go over what action they’d like to see taken.

“It just seems to me like Greyhound isn’t being held accountable,” said one woman in attendance.

According to Knoxville city councilwoman Gwen Mckenzie, the city offered Greyhound the KAT bus hub as a shared space where customers could use indoor facilities and not have to wait outside. The yearly rent was offered at more than $600,000 and a Greyhound spokesperson said that wasn’t an option according to Mckenzie.

“That would cover the cost of utilities for after hours for that location as well as security, maintenance, and also have a customer service person there on the facility,” said Mckenzie.

Mckenzie would go on to add that in discussions, the price range Greyhound was willing to pay per year would be around $42,000.

While the two sides remain seemingly apart on price for the KAT bus hub, Mckenzie said that Greyhound was currently in talks with a private entity in Knoxville to move the bus hub to a more comfortable space for customers.