Is there room for Horns and Sooners in the SEC?

ESPN writer and WVLT contributor Chris Low lays it out
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 11:01 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Could we handle two UT’s in the SEC? Well we saw Tennessee and Texas hook up in Omaha, but what about every so often in the Southeastern Conference?

A Houston Chronicle report Wednesday said both the Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners are not only interested, but they’ve reached out to the SEC about joining the league.

I would think the SEC would be interested having those two brands on board. A 16 team league would create a super conference and really change the landscape of college athletics, but how would it affect Tennessee and would it make the Vols’ job of climbing back to the top that much harder? ESPN writer and WVLT contributor Chris Low says, “Imagine the schedule if you’re Tennessee. You’re playing Alabama every year you’re playing Georgia every year you’re playing Florida every year, throwing an Oklahoma, or a Texas every couple years, and also Texas A&M, it only gets tougher. That’s why when you talk in the room the SEC as it is and then you add oh by the way, and Oklahoma and Texas, it really becomes a beast. That’s why when you look at Tennessee’s play what Josh Heupel faces coming in to try to rebuild with the cloud of the NCAA. That’s why these next couple years on the recruiting trail in particular with that cloud hanging over your head are going to be vitally important. "

Geography probably won’t be an issue with teams already traveling to Missouri and Texas A&M. The Aggies, by the way, would be the one team to really oppose this potential move after leaving the Big 12 to get away from Texas and build their own identity.

Commissioner Greg Sankey was asked about it at SEC Media Days Wednesday and said he is more concerned with this 2021 football season that’s fast approaching.

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