Coronavirus numbers in Tennessee | Knox County Schools see major drop in cases

Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 4:01 PM EST|Updated: Oct. 19, 2021 at 12:48 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Tennessee Department of Health releases daily data on COVID-19 cases in the state.

Each day, the health department releases numbers on deaths, cases, recoveries, and hospitalizations. Hospitalizations are updated on a 24-hour delay, however. According to the state website, this is because the data is dynamic and changes as hospitals learn more about their patients.

October 20, 2021

Wednesday’s COVID-19 update is similar to the other updates Tennessee officials have released recently. Active cases continue to fall statewide, including here in East Tennessee.

Gov. Bill Lee filed an appeal in the ongoing case involving a federal masking order in Knox County Schools as well. In the appeal, he claimed the court has no legal authority to stop him from enforcing Executive Order 84.

Active Cases: 36,019

Deaths: 15,973

Hospitalizations: 1,389

Total vaccinations: 3,662,833

October 19, 2021

COVID-19 cases continued to drop statewide over the weekend, including in Knox County and East Tennessee.

Knox County Schools saw a serious decrease in cases for their first two days back since fall break. Prior to the break, the school district reported 179 COVID-19 cases. As of Monday, the district is reporting only 28.

The drop follows a break and the implementation of a federal mask mandate, though a health expert with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital tells WVLT News that it is not clear what caused the drop.

Active Cases: 37,805

Deaths: 15,887

Hospitalizations: 1,403

Total vaccinations: 3,659,122

October 15, 2021

Tennessee’s active cases dropped by over 2,000 or 5% from Tuesday to Thursday. Almost 8,000 new vaccinations were recorded in the same time period. Current hospitalizations are now down for over 30 days in a row.

Active Cases: 41,343

Deaths: 15,769

Hospitalizations: 1,575

Total vaccinations: 3,647,481

October 13, 2021

Tennessee continues to see fewer active COVID-19 cases. Hospitalizations are also down in East Tennessee, hitting a low last seen in August.

The office of Gov. Lee submitted filings in the ongoing Knox County masking case as well. In the filing, a legal representative claimed the court had no legal authority to implement the mask mandate or stop KCS from enforcing Bill Lee’s opt-out executive order.

Active Cases: 43,512

Deaths: 15,687

Hospitalizations: 1,666

Total vaccinations: 3,639,538

October 12, 2021

Active cases have dropped 4.9 percent statewide. Active cases in Knox County have now dropped below 2,000 cases.

The number of people currently in the East Tennessee Region Hospitals have decreased to 374. This is the lowest number recorded in hospitals in over two months.

216,775 booster shots have now been given in Tennessee.

The federal judge that ordered Knox County Schools to implement a masking mandate has responded to recent filings in the case, ruling that Knox County Schools may enforce last year’s masking policy with some caveats.

Active Cases: 44,995

Deaths: 15,583

Hospitalizations: 1,726

Total vaccinations: 3,635,887

October 11, 2021

Active cases dropped 11.9 percent from Thursday to Friday. The number of people currently in the hospital is down for over 30 days in a row.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs made a video statement Monday amid filings in the ongoing legal battle between Knox County Schools and a temporary court-imposed mask mandate.

Jacobs said that even though his office did not have a standing in the case, he could not ignore the calls from the hundreds of residents and parents who continued to reach out to him.

Active Cases: 47,304

Deaths: 15,558

Hospitalizations: 1,858

Total vaccinations: 3,634,455

October 7, 2021

Active cases dropped 2.9% from Tuesday to Wednesday. Tennessee is on track to drop below 50,000 cases by Friday. Hospitalizations also dropped by 71.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs addressed recent filings in the case between Knox County Schools and a federal judge who has imposed a temporary mask mandate as well.

Active Cases: 50,023

Deaths: 15,446

Hospitalizations: 2,085

Total vaccinations: 3,617,221

October 6, 2021

Active cases of COVID-19 continued to fall throughout the state from Monday to Tuesday. Cases dropped by over 2,000 Monday statewide and by 232 in Knox County.

Active Cases: 51,502

Deaths: 15,404

Hospitalizations: 2,156

Total vaccinations: 3,611,563

October 5, 2021

Active cases dropped by more than 2,500 cases from Friday to Monday. This brings the total number of active cases in the state to 53,698 cases. Additionally, over 2,000 new vaccinations were reported in Tennessee last week. Two new motions have been filed by both sides of the court-ordered schools mask mandate in Knox County.

Active Cases: 53,698

Deaths: 15,323

Hospitalizations: 2,195

Total vaccinations: 3,607,864

October 4, 2021

Active cases in Tennessee dropped by over 10,000 cases last week. Vaccinations in the state were up over by over 35,000. However, breakthrough cases increased by 7.1 percent to 3,489 cases in one week. This new increase brings breakthrough cases in Tennessee to 52,956.

Active Cases: 56,225

Deaths: 15,205

Hospitalizations: 2,239

Total vaccinations: 3,605,787

October 1, 2021

Active cases dropped 1,234 cases from Wednesday to Thursday, according to state data. This week alone, active cases in Tennessee have dropped 12 percent. Drugmaker Merck said Friday that its experimental COVID-19 pill reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half in people recently infected with the coronavirus, potentially a leap forward in the global fight against the pandemic.

Active Cases: 58,107

Deaths: 15,149

Hospitalizations: 2,484

Total vaccinations: 3,589,045

September 30, 2021

Active cases in Tennessee dropped below 60,000 from Tuesday to Wednesday, according to state data. Knox County officials also filed for further changes to the federal masking order put in place in Knox County Schools.

Active Cases: 59,341

Deaths: 15,099

Hospitalizations: 2,576

Total vaccinations: 3,584,401

September 29, 2021

Active cases in Tennessee had a steady drop from Monday to Tuesday, dropping by 4,348.

Knox County Schools students returned to school Tuesday wearing masks. According to school officials, 1.17 percent of students refused to wear a mask while at school, and even more showed up to school without a mask before eventually wearing one.

According to Knox County Schools’ absence policy, students taken out of school by parents for not wearing a mask will be marked as absent for the day. Students could face severe consequences for being absent more than five days.

The Knox County Board of Education also filed for an extensive list of conditions exempting a student from wearing a mask in school.

Active Cases: 61,881

Deaths: 15,055

Hospitalizations: 2,636

Total vaccinations: 3,577,833

September 28, 2021

Tennessee hospitalizations have decreased for the past 14 days, according to new data from the state health department.

Tennessee also reported lower active case numbers at 66,229 cases.

Knox County Schools were back in session today, following the recent order from a federal judge stating that all Knox County Schools implement a mask mandate, without allowing parents to follow Gov. Lee’s opt out option.

Active cases in Knox County Schools students are down 103 cases, bringing the total cases to 297, according to the KCS dashboard.

Active Cases: 66,229

Deaths: 14,952

Hospitalizations: 2,701

Total vaccinations: 3,569,900

September 27, 2021

Tennessee is reporting a 37 percent increase in breakthrough cases in total from the state. This brings the total of both active and inactive cases to 49,457 cases. The state also shares that hospitalizations of those breakthrough cases have increased as well.

Active cases across the state and in Knox County have continued to drop over the past week, according to the state health department.

Superintendent Bob Thomas canceled school for all Knox County students on Monday. This cancellation follows the recent order from a federal judging stating that all Knox County Schools implement a mask mandate, without allowing parents to follow Gov. Lee’s opt out option.

Active Cases: 71,298

Deaths: 14,825

Hospitalizations: 2,739

Total vaccinations: 3,568,095

September 24, 2021

Tennessee hospitalizations decreased by 129 or 4.2 percent from Wednesday to Thursday. Active cases in the state have continued to drop, with 4,048 becoming inactive in the last day.

A federal judge also ordered that Knox County Schools implement a mask mandate, without allowing parents to follow Gov. Lee’s opt out option.

Active Cases: 73,159

Deaths: 14,740

Hospitalizations: 2,968

Total vaccinations: 3,554,126

September 23, 2021

Active cases continue to drop in Tennessee for over a week, state data said. This means that people are recovering from COVID-19 in the state quicker than others are getting the virus. Hospitalizations are also continuing to drop across the state.

In Knox County, the COVID-19 death toll broke 800 this week with 805 total deaths.

Active Cases: 77,207

Deaths: 14,677

Hospitalizations: 3,097

Total vaccinations: 3,547,733

September 21, 2021

Active cases in Tennessee as a whole and Knox County have been in decline for the entire week of Sept. 13, according to state data. Additionally, hospitalizations are also on the decline.

Officials with the Tennessee National Guard announced over the weekend that 32 Tennessee medical facilities are receiving help from administrative and medical personnel due to the previous spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Active Cases: 82,860

Deaths: 14,450

Hospitalizations: 3,243

Total vaccinations: 3,533,790

September 20, 2021

The information is in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data analyzed by CNN showed about 46% of all 12- to 17-year-olds have gotten the shot, an increase from earlier this month.

Pfizer said Monday its COVID-19 vaccine works for children ages 5 to 11 and that it will seek U.S. authorization for this age group soon — a key step toward beginning vaccinations for youngsters.

Active Cases: 85,672

Deaths: 14,341

Hospitalizations: 3,286

Total vaccinations: 3,529,469

September 17, 2021

Active COVID-19 cases in Tennessee dropped by 4,323 cases for total cases to drop to 87,724. Active Cases dropped 13,199 from Monday to Thursday just this week, which totals 13% down for all active cases. People currently in the hospital decreased by 59 on Thursday.

However, Knox Co. reported 38 deaths just this week from Monday to Thursday for a new total of 777. At the briefing, an official with the University of Tennessee Medical Center presented data on the death rate at the hospital, saying it had increased dramatically recently.

Active Cases: 87,724

Deaths: 14,289

Hospitalizations: 3,538

Total vaccinations: 3,509,331

September 16, 2021

Active COVID-19 cases in Tennessee dropped by almost 9,000 Wednesday, according to data from the state. This means that Tennessee has once again dropped below the 100,000 threshold for active cases. Hospitalizations in Tennessee also dropped by 57 from Monday to Wednesday, however ICU bed availability dropped back down to five percent.

East Tennessee hospital officials gave an update on the state of COVID-19 in the region Wednesday. At the briefing, an official with the University of Tennessee Medical Center presented data on the death rate at the hospital, saying it has increased dramatically recently.

Active Cases: 92,047

Deaths: 14,224

Hospitalizations: 3,597

Total vaccinations: 3,501,698

September 14, 2021

Tennessee broke 100,000 active COVID-19 cases again Monday with an increase of almost 9,000 cases, according to state data. The state also set a record for the number of new cases in a day on Sept. 10 with 15,411 new cases.

Tennessee did, however, see drops in hospitalizations, ICU capacity and pediatric hospitalizations.

In Sevier County, experts said 32 percent of those tested for COVID-19 are turning up positive and less than half the county is vaccinated.

Knox County officials reported a record number of deaths Tuesday, but also explained that due to the reporting process, many of those deaths are not reported on the day they occur.

Active Cases: 100,923

Deaths: 14,010

Hospitalizations: 3,654

Total vaccinations: 3,487,622

September 10, 2021

Tennessee once again saw a major drop in active cases in the last day. The state decreased by 5,219 cases. Between the major decrease in active cases, Tennessee saw 20,547 cases decrease from Tuesday to Thursday of this week. However, the state reached another new record for new hospitalizations, gaining 48 additional patients.

Active Cases: 92,114

Deaths: 13,879

Hospitalizations: 3,846

Total vaccinations: 3,459,079

September 9, 2021

Tennessee saw a major drop in active cases Wednesday after the case count dropped by 13.6 percent in a single day. The state also dropped below 100,000 cases, a milestone it reached Wednesday. However, the state reached a new record for hospitalizations with 22 new hospitalizations from Tuesday to Wednesday.

In Knox County, the Board of Education met to discuss changes to the attendance policy for those out because of COVID-19. The rate of new cases among school-aged children has decreased significantly with only three new cases Thursday compared to between 14 and 28 new cases each day earlier in the week.

Active cases in Knox County dropped by 190 Thursday, according to data from county health officials.

Active Cases: 97,333

Deaths: 13,804

Hospitalizations: 3,798

Total vaccinations: 3,452,824

September 8, 2021

State officials said that they are working through a backlog of data, including some from the holiday weekend Wednesday. Wednesday marked the first time the state broke 100,000 cases since the pandemic began.

LeConte Medical Center officials announced that the hospital had received help from the National Guard in the form of four medics and 10 administration personnel.

In Knox County, leaders sent an open letter to Gov. Bill Lee asking him to make changes to how schools transition to online learning, aiming to keep extra-curricular activities in place.

Both in Knox County and statewide, active cases increased by around 20 percent over the weekend

Active Cases: 112,661

Deaths: 13,721

Hospitalizations: 3,776

Total vaccinations: 3,444,927

September 3, 2021

Tennessee once again broke records for hospitalizations due to COVID statewide Thursday. According to data from the state, 3,538 people are in the hospital with COVID-19, an increase of 37 people.

Tennessee seen many less cases reported 3,199 cases versus 9,419 on Wednesday

Active Cases: 91,807

Deaths: 13,554

Hospitalizations: 3,538

Total vaccinations: 3,408,511

September 2, 2021

Tennessee once again broke records for hospitalizations due to COVID statewide Thursday. According to data from the state, 3,501 people are in the hospital with COVID-19, an increase of 163 people.

Statewide ICU bed availability increased slightly from five percent to six percent Wednesday. Now there are 114 available ICU beds statewide.

Knox County saw 22 deaths in the last seven days, with half those deaths occurring from Monday to Wednesday. Knox County Schools saw significant case increases Thursday. Active cases among students increased by 25 percent, peaking at 750. Active cases among staff almost doubled, increasing by 47 percent to 140.

The Knox County Board of Education met Wednesday night to discuss new COVID protocols in schools, eventually voting to not implement a mask mandate after hours of public forum. The Board did decide to implement a school-by-school contact tracing dashboard.

Active Cases: 95,705

Deaths: 13,518

Hospitalizations: 3,501

Total vaccinations: 3,374,129

September 1, 2021

Tennessee set the record for number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 for the entire pandemic Tuesday, with a total of 3,338. The previous record, which occurred on Jan. 6, was 3,334. However, pediatric hospitalizations dropped slightly from 79 to 73.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital officials released COVID data for the past week on their dashboard Wednesday afternoon. The hospital only saw an increase of three patients, and the hospital’s ICU numbers stayed steady with one person in an ICU bed.

There are also only 99 ICU beds available statewide, meaning 95 percent of beds are taken.

Active Cases: 94,508

Deaths: 13,486

Hospitalizations: 3,338

Total vaccinations: 3,374,129

August 31, 2021

More than half of the Knox County population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to data from the county health department. The total rate of vaccinated people in the county is 54.76 percent. 48.52 percent of people have gotten both doses of the vaccine.

However, East Tennessee ICU bed availability is at its scarcest since the beginning of the pandemic. As of Tuesday, 169 people are in East Tennessee hospital ICU beds. Seven ICU beds are available in the region.

Active Cases: 92,891

Deaths: 13,429

Hospitalizations: 3,151

Total vaccinations: 3,374,129

August 28, 2021

Tennessee seen 71,430 vaccinations in the last week which is double had previously been seen.

ICU bed space increased to 7% availability following the previous week of only 6%.

Knox County seen 1,040 recovered or new inactive cases in the last week, which is almost double the amount from the week before.

Active Cases: 83,771

Deaths: 13,345

Hospitalizations: 3,159

Total vaccinations: 3,368,073

August 27, 2021

Tennessee saw over 36,000 new vaccinations this week, with 36,615 shots given.

Just last week the state of Tennessee saw the largest spike of new COVID-19 cases among children since the pandemic began, according to data from the state health department. This week things are different.

The state only saw a 0.6 percent increase in total active cases from Monday to Thursday this week, versus an 11 percent increase last week. Additionally, pediatric floor beds gradually increased in availability.

Wednesday floor beds were 16 percent open, and as of Friday floor beds are 20 percent open.

Active Cases: 81,734

Deaths: 13,304

Hospitalizations: 3,030

Total vaccinations: 3,333,258

August 25, 2021

The state of Tennessee has now seen over 1 million COVID cases over the course of the pandemic after a daily increase of over 5,000, according to data provided by the state. The total number of cases Tennessee has seen since the pandemic began is 1,002,632.

Only 5 ICU beds are open in the East Region as of Tuesday.

UT Medical began reporting daily COVID-19 updates on an online dashboard. According to that dashboard, 123 people are hospitalized and 85 percent of those hospitalized are not fully vaccinated.

The East Tennessee Children’s Hospital also established an online dashboard that provides weekly updates on how the hospital is handling COVID-19 patients. According to Wednesday’s dashboard, the hospital saw 11 patients over the past week hospitalized with COVID-19, but only five remain in the hospital as of Wednesday.

Active Cases: 80,965

Deaths: 13,235

Hospitalizations: 2,802

Total vaccinations: 3,304,764

August 23, 2021

The Tennessee Department of Health reported 22,620 new cases recorded in Tennessee this week. This number has doubled in the pas two weeks according to state officials.

Vaccination are also climbing this last week to 74,935 new vaccinations. This comes as the FDA gives full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Active Cases: 69,880

Deaths: 13,142

Hospitalizations: 2,776

Total vaccinations: 3,286,391

Nursing Homes in East Tennessee

Active Cases in Residents: 64

Active cases in staff: 111

Deaths: 6

UT Medical Center will now be updating a dashboard recording 110 hospitalizations today.

The University of Tennessee is changing its mask policy for the next two weeks following a spike in cases on campus, including a cluster at the Chi Omega House, that occurred on August 15 and was identified on August 22. This was included in their dashboard available to the public.

August 20, 2021

COVID-19 IV treatment sees uptick in demand, one patients calls Monoclonal Antibody Infusions “the Tamiflu for COVID”. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly supports in-person learning for children as new data suggests the pandemic has led to academic and mental health issues in kids.

Active Cases: 66,790

Deaths: 13,096

Hospitalizations: 2,572

Total vaccinations: 3,249,885

August 19, 2021

LIVE NOW: Today's COVID-19 Headlines

Will Puckett breaks today's COVID-19 headlines

Posted by WVLT on Thursday, August 19, 2021

Active COVID-19 cases in Tennessee increased by 2.6 percent from Tuesday into Wednesday, according to state data. Statewide ICU bed availability dropped to six percent statewide from Tuesday, with the state now only having 122 open ICU beds.

State hospital officials issued a statement on hospital capacity concerns, saying the lack of ICU beds in metropolitan areas is putting stress on the entire state’s healthcare system.

Active Cases: 64,058

Deaths: 13,045

Hospitalizations: 2,490

Total vaccinations: 3,238,351

August 18, 2021

For the first time in several weeks, active cases in the state dropped by 288 or 0.5 percent. Tennessee has now surpassed 13,000 deaths from COVID-19, with a total of 13,018. Tennessee state officials reported 32 new deaths.

ICU bed availability dropped on Tuesday. Only eight percent of ICU beds are open across the state, totaling at 156. Pediatric ICU beds are now 81 percent full, up from 76 percent on Monday.

Additionally, vaccinations are up 14,069 from Tuesday.

Active Cases: 62,456

Deaths: 13,018

Hospitalizations: 2,450

Total vaccinations: 3,225,525

August 17, 2021

New data from the Knox County Health Department say there are only 8 ICU beds open as of today for the East Tennessee Region’s 19 area hospitals. This represents 95% of ICU beds are full in the area.

76 percent of pediatric ICU beds are full across Tennessee, according to a new report from the Tennessee State Health Department.

KCHD is reporting that there is a 1.37 day turnaround on testing results, with 5,829 tests recorded from August 11th to August 17th.

Fully vaccinated people in Knox County rose over the past two days as well with a total of 48.35 percent fully vaccinated. Only 52.48 percent are partially vaccinated.

August 16, 2021

Amid the 14% case increase in Tennessee, Tennessee Health Commissioner, Dr. Lisa Piercey addressed COVID-19 in Tennessee.

WATCH LIVE: Update on COVID-19 in Tennessee

Dr. Lisa Piercey is addressing COVID-19 as Tennessee has 14% case increase last week

Posted by WVLT on Monday, August 16, 2021

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, current COVID-19 hospitalizations increased 22% last week. ICU bed space improved from 7% availability to 10% availability.

“You very likely are to experience delays if you go to a hospital right now,” Dr. Lisa Piercey said. “...If you do not have a true medical emergency, please do not go to the emergency department. Go to a level of care where you can be evaluated then discharged if you do not have a true medical emergency.”

Tennessee reinstated the National Guard program to supplement back-staffing in hospitals on August 16. The state will take many members of the National Guard that have been vaccinated and that have a background in medical care into the hospital setting to augment staff.

In the last month, the week over week vaccination rate in Tennessee almost double. The rate went from about 58k a week to over 100k a week and many of those are first doses, according to Dr. Piercey.

“That is exactly what we need,” Dr. Lisa Piercey stated.

Dr. Piercey stated that more finalized guidance is expected to come in the next few days regarding third dose boosters. The FDA approved Pfizer or Moderna for immunocompromised individuals. Individuals must wait 28 days after the second shot and it is recommended to be the same brand as the first shots.

Patients who are going through active cancer treatment, transplants, immune deficiencies, have HIV, and are on medications that cause the immune system to be weakened, such as, chronic high dose steroids would be available for the third booster shot.

There will be no proof of illness required for third dose booster but the state recommended all people to speak with their physician, Piercey stated.

Patient privacy is still a high concern for Tennessee and multiple layers of verification will be required to access vaccination records.

August 14, 2021

Vanderbilt University Medical Center officials have announced that their adult hospital and emergency departments are now completely full.

“The Middle Tennessee Transfer Coordinating Center is up and running to try to balance the load around the city,” officials released in a statement. “Those transfers are being placed in hospitals despite capacity and staffing challenges.”

Cases: 941,261

Deaths: 12,941

Hospitalizations: 2,077

Total tests: 8,650,228

August 13, 2021

Cases: 936,614

Deaths: 12,912

Hospitalizations: 2,017

Total tests: 8,627,922

August 12, 2021

Cases: 931,107

Deaths: 12,892

Hospitalizations: 1,919

Total tests: 8,602,094

August 11, 2021

There are currently only five Intensive Care Unit beds available in East Tennessee hospitals, according to an update from the state health department. Hospitalization numbers are also approaching January levels.

Cases: 927,010

Deaths: 12,885

Hospitalizations: 1,797

Total tests: 8,585,884

April 30

Cases: 847,430

Deaths: 12,197

Hospitalizations: 819

Inactive/Recoveries: 822,733

Total tests: 7,658,583

April 29

Cases: 846,472

Deaths: 12,188

Hospitalizations: 828

Inactive/Recoveries: 821,689

Total tests: 7,643,133

April 28

Cases: 845,380

Deaths: 12,171

Hospitalizations: 823

Inactive/Recoveries: 820,441

April 27

Cases: 844,246

Deaths: 12,163

Hospitalizations: 777

Inactive/Recoveries: 819,211

April 26

Cases: 843,059

Deaths: 12,152

Hospitalizations: 785

Inactive/Recoveries: 817,770

April 23

Cases: 841,049

Deaths: 12,142

Hospitalizations: 848

Inactive/Recoveries: 814,990

April 22

Cases: 839,841

Deaths: 12,130

Hospitalizations: 866

Inactive/Recoveries: 813,791

Total tests: 7,543,460

April 21

Cases: 837,833

Deaths: 12,111

Hospitalizations: 917

Inactive/Recoveries: 812,546

Total tests: 7,525,551

April 20

Cases: 836,563

Deaths: 12,096

Hospitalizations: 874

Inactive/Recoveries: 811,192

Total tests: 7,509,026

April 19

Cases: 835,842

Deaths: 12,081

Hospitalizations: 844

Inactive/Recoveries: 809,773

Total tests: 7,497,811

April 16

Cases: 830,484

Deaths: 12,049

Hospitalizations: 820

Inactive/Recoveries: 804,501

Total tests: 7,445,689

April 15

Cases: 829,114

Deaths: 12,041

Hospitalizations: 794

Inactive/Recoveries: 803,320

Total tests: 7,427,609

April 14

Cases: 827,529

Deaths: 12,032

Hospitalizations: 812

Inactive/Recoveries: 802,134

Total tests: 7,408,434

April 13

Cases: 826,371

Deaths: 12,022

Hospitalizations: 822

Inactive/Recoveries: 800,957

Total tests: 7,391,424

April 12

Cases: 824,914

Deaths: 12,015

Hospitalizations: 802

Inactive/Recoveries: 799,612

Total tests: 7,379,379

April 9

Cases: 822,085

Deaths: 12,001

Hospitalizations: 837

Inactive/Recoveries: 797,011

Total tests: 7,346,127

April 8

Cases: 820,965

Deaths: 11,997

Hospitalizations: 890

Inactive/Recoveries: 795,885

Total tests: 7,331,235

April 7

Cases: 819,505

Deaths: 11,976

Hospitalizations: 849

Inactive/Recoveries: 794,716

Total tests: 7,312,280

April 6

Cases: 818,008

Deaths: 11,967

Hospitalizations: 853

Inactive/Recoveries: 793,488

Total tests: 7,294,303

April 5

Cases: 817,022

Deaths: 11,929

Hospitalizations: 810

Inactive/Recoveries: 792,086

Total tests: 7,285,670

April 1

Cases: 813,614

Deaths: 11,915

Hospitalizations: 837

Inactive/Recoveries: 788,215

March 31

Cases: 811,842

Deaths: 11,904

Hospitalizations: 843

Inactive/Recoveries: 786,959

Total tests: 7,219,625

March 30

Cases: 810,529

Deaths: 11,894

Hospitalizations: 816

Inactive/Recoveries: 785,678

Total tests: 7,202,698

March 29

Cases: 809,692

Deaths: 11,866

Hospitalizations: 839

Inactive/Recoveries: 784,267

Total tests: 7,193,753

March 26

Cases: 806,792

Deaths: 11,816

Hospitalizations: 802

Inactive/Recoveries: 781,415

Total tests: 7,159,980

March 25

Cases: 806,011

Deaths: 11,796

Hospitalizations: 815

Inactive/Recoveries: 780,438

Total tests: 7,144,455

March 24

Cases: 804,492

Deaths: 11,792

Hospitalizations: 830

Inactive/Recoveries: 779,152

Total tests: 7,124,858

March 23

Cases: 803,104

Deaths: 11,747

Hospitalizations: 756

Inactive/Recoveries: 777,820

Total tests: 7,106,932

March 22

Cases: 801,645

Deaths: 11,713

Hospitalizations: 756

Inactive/Recoveries: 7736,548

Total tests: 7,095,028

March 19

Cases: 798,621

Deaths: 11,709

Hospitalizations: 708

Inactive/Recoveries: 773,817

Total tests: 7,060,847

March 18

Cases: 796,624

Deaths: 11,681

Hospitalizations: 661

Inactive/Recoveries: 772,665

Total tests: 7,034,682

March 17

Cases: 795,963

Deaths: 11,658

Hospitalizations: 680

Inactive/Recoveries: 771,464

Total tests: 7,026,813

March 16

Cases: 794,137

Deaths: 11,650

Hospitalizations: 676

Inactive/Recoveries: 770,011

Total tests: 7,005,827

March 15

Cases: 792,795

Deaths: 11,638

Hospitalizations: 653

Inactive/Recoveries: 768,631

Total tests: 6,996,960

March 12

Cases: 789,652

Deaths: 11,639

Hospitalizations: 699

Inactive/Recoveries: 765,441

Total tests: 6,963,586

March 11

Cases: 788,109

Deaths: 11,623

Hospitalizations: 783

Inactive/Recoveries: 763,970

Total tests: 6,944,400

March 10

Cases: 786,597

Deaths: 11,606

Hospitalizations: 705

Inactive/Recoveries: 762,464

Total tests: 6,923,442

March 9

Cases: 785,242

Deaths: 11,588

Hospitalizations: 678

Inactive/Recoveries: 760,910

Total tests: 6,903,828

March 8

Cases: 783,904

Deaths: 11,556

Hospitalizations: 722

Inactive/Recoveries: 759,025

Total tests: 6,890,904

March 7

Cases: 783,484

Deaths: 11,547

Hospitalizations: 747

Inactive/Recoveries: 758,039

Total tests: 6,8786,856

March 6

Cases: 782,206

Deaths: 11,543

Hospitalizations: 778

Inactive/Recoveries: 756,793

Total tests: 6,872,745

March 5

Cases: 780,894

Deaths: 11,534

Hospitalizations: 821

Inactive/Recoveries: 755,474

Total tests: 6,856,581

March 4

Cases: 779,449

Deaths: 11,501

Hospitalizations: 864

Inactive/Recoveries: 754,465

Total tests: 6,834,882

Officials said the positivity rate dropped to 4.67, the lowest the state has seen this year.

March 3

Cases: 777,935

Deaths: 11,459

Hospitalizations: 895

Inactive/Recoveries: 752,966

Total tests: 6,817,121

March 2

Cases: 776,337

Deaths: 11,436

Hospitalizations: 884

Inactive/Recoveries: 751,776

Total tests: 6,797,475

March 1

Cases: 775,693

Deaths: 11,421

Hospitalizations: 871

Inactive/Recoveries: 750,755

Total tests: 6,789,970

Feb. 28

Cases: 775,004

Deaths: 11,411

Hospitalizations: 878

Inactive/Recoveries: 749,863

Total tests: 6,780,861

Feb. 27

Cases: 773,887

Deaths: 11,393

Hospitalizations: 925

Inactive/Recoveries: 748,739

Total tests: 6,769,438

Feb. 26

Cases: 772,513

Deaths: 11,377

Hospitalizations: 1,283

Inactive/Recoveries: 746,954

Total tests: 6,753,759

Feb. 25

Cases: 770,940

Deaths: 11,321

Hospitalizations: 982

Inactive/Recoveries: 745,200

Total tests: 6,735,104

Feb. 24

Cases: 768,946

Deaths: 11,266

Hospitalizations: 972

Inactive/Recoveries: 743,254

Total tests: 6,709,400

Feb. 23

Cases: 767,315

Deaths: 11,198

Hospitalizations: 998

Inactive/Recoveries: 741,057

Total tests: 6,693,645

Feb. 22

Cases: 766,089

Deaths: 11,153

Hospitalizations: 1,008

Inactive/Recoveries: 738,731

Total tests: 6,681,400

On Feb. 22, the health department said that the daily added cases went below 1,000 with 952.

Feb. 21

Cases: 765,137

Deaths: 11,133

Hospitalizations: 1,010

Inactive/Recoveries: 737,635

Total tests: 6,674,491

Feb. 20

Cases: 764,008

Deaths: 11,115

Hospitalizations: 997

Inactive/Recoveries: 736,300

Total tests: 6,665,429

Feb. 19

Cases: 762,673

Deaths: 11,064

Hospitalizations: 973

Inactive/Recoveries: 734,152

Total tests: 6,654,486

Feb. 18

Cases: 761,301

Deaths: 11,057

Hospitalizations: 1,108

Inactive/Recoveries: 731,791

Total tests: 6,644,952

Feb. 17

Cases: 760,303

Deaths: 10,985

Hospitalizations: 1,131

Inactive/Recoveries: 729,629

Total tests: 6,634,437

Feb. 16

Cases: 759,523

Deaths: 10,954

Hospitalizations: 1,106

Inactive/Recoveries: 726,910

Total tests: 6,626,533

Feb. 15

Cases: 758,561

Deaths: 10,937

Hospitalizations: 1,091

Inactive/Recoveries: 724,031

Total tests: 6,618,281

Feb. 14

Cases: 757,418

Deaths: 10,933

Hospitalizations: 1,109

Inactive/Recoveries: 722,598

Total tests: 6,606,949

Feb. 13

Cases: 756,071

Deaths: 10,902

Hospitalizations: 1,154

Inactive/Recoveries: 720,977

Total tests: 6,592,275

Feb. 12

Cases: 754,279

Deaths: 10,893

Hospitalizations: 1,195

Inactive/Recoveries: 718,749

Total tests: 6,572,241

Feb. 11

Cases: 752,033

Deaths: 10,812

Hospitalizations: 1,232

Inactive/Recoveries: 716,136

Total tests: 6,547,434

Feb. 10

Cases: 750,409

Deaths: 10,731

Hospitalizations: 1,262

Inactive/Recoveries: 714,067

Total tests: 6,523,383

Feb. 9

Cases: 747,462

Deaths: 10,631

Hospitalizations: 1,293

Inactive/Recoveries: 710,742

Total tests: 6,495,794

Feb. 8

Cases: 745,826

Deaths: 10,566

Hospitalizations: 1,294

Inactive/Recoveries: 707,098

Total tests: 6,486,810

Feb. 7

Cases: 744,600

Deaths: 10,469

Hospitalizations: 1,314

Inactive/Recoveries: 705,492

Total tests: 6,475,194

Feb. 6

Cases: 742,213

Deaths: 10,463

Hospitalizations: 1,369

Inactive/Recoveries: 703,426

Total tests: 6,447,310

Feb. 5

Cases: 739,031

Deaths: 10,405

Hospitalizations: 1,421

Inactive/Recoveries: 700,620

Total tests: 6,417,656

Feb. 4

Cases: 736,370

Deaths: 10,202

Hospitalizations: 1,443

Inactive/Recoveries: 697,110

Total tests: 6,389,746

Feb. 3

Cases: 733,216

Deaths: 10,033

Hospitalizations: 1,492

Inactive/Recoveries: 693,707

Total tests: 6,359,798

On Feb 3, Tennessee surpassed 10,000 deaths due to the virus.

Feb. 2

Cases: 731,360

Deaths: 9,900

Hospitalizations: 1,547

Inactive/Recoveries: 688,963

Total tests: 6,347,070

Feb. 1

Cases: 729,187

Deaths: 9,753

Hospitalizations: 1,562

Inactive/Recoveries: 685,162

Total tests: 6,336,990

Jan. 31

Cases: 727,861

Deaths: 9,650

Hospitalizations: 1,574

Inactive/Recoveries: 683,295

Total tests: 6,327,384

Jan. 30

Cases: 724,742

Deaths: 9,574

Hospitalizations: 1,673

Inactive/Recoveries: 680,847

Total tests: 6,295,021

Jan. 29

Cases: 722,491

Deaths: 9,461

Hospitalizations: 1,801

Inactive/Recoveries: 672,110

Total tests: 6,277,768

Jan. 28

Cases: 717,583

Deaths: 9,417

Hospitalizations: 1,857

Inactive/Recoveries: 672,110

Total tests: 6,247,215

Jan. 27

Cases: 715,806

Deaths: 9,316

Hospitalizations: 2,003

Inactive/Recoveries: 668,021

Total tests: 6,233,246

Jan. 26

Cases: 712,406

Deaths: 9,162

Hospitalizations: 2,026

Inactive/Recoveries: 662,533

Total tests: 6,207,152

Jan. 25

Cases: 710,427

Deaths: 8,977

Hospitalizations: 2,068

Inactive/Recoveries: 657,031

Total tests: 6,198,623

Jan. 24

Cases: 708,717

Deaths: 8,859

Hospitalizations: 2,128

Inactive/Recoveries: 654,335

Total tests: 6,184,590

Jan. 23

Cases: 705,876

Deaths: 8,819

Hospitalizations: 22,64

Inactive/Recoveries: 651,283

Total tests: 6,158,760

Jan. 22

Friday, Tennessee surpassed 700,000 coronavirus cases in the state.

Cases: 701,847

Deaths: 8,777

Hospitalizations: 2361

Inactive/Recoveries: 646,144

Total tests: 6,128,305

Jan. 21

Cases: 697,783

Deaths: 8,684

Hospitalizations: 2,513

Inactive/Recoveries: 639,444

Total tests: 6,101,159

Jan. 20

Cases: 694,291

Deaths: 8,556

Hospitalizations: 2,653

Inactive/Recoveries: 633,428

Total tests: 6,078,484

Jan. 19

Cases: 689,808

Deaths: 8,470

Hospitalizations: 2,647

Inactive/Recoveries: 624,306

Total tests: 6,044,547

Jan. 18

Cases: 687,751

Deaths: 8,430

Hospitalizations: 2,660

Inactive/Recoveries: 614,720

Total tests: 6,044,547

Jan. 17

Cases: 685,321

Deaths: 8,391

Hospitalizations: 2,699

Inactive/Recoveries: 610,796

Total tests: 6,030,431

Jan. 16

Cases: 680,847

Deaths: 8,355

Hospitalizations: 2,805

Inactive/Recoveries: 605,596

Total tests: 6,000,691

Jan. 15

Cases: 676,039

Deaths: 8,311

Hospitalizations: 2,857

Inactive/Recoveries: 602,938

Total tests: 5,972,373

Jan. 14

Cases: 670,482

Deaths: 8,232

Hospitalizations: 2,964

Inactive/Recoveries: 596,883

Total tests: 5,939,455

Jan. 13

Cases: 665,499

Deaths: 8,148

Hospitalizations: 3,029

Inactive/Recoveries: 588,974

Total tests: 5,915,239

Jan. 12

Cases: 660,874

Deaths: 8,011

Hospitalizations: 3,048

Inactive/Recoveries: 579,345

Total tests: 5,894,813

Jan. 11

Cases: 657,396

Deaths: 7,865

Hospitalizations: 3,079

Inactive/Recoveries: 568,910

Total tests: 5,879,860

Jan. 10

Cases: 653,869

Deaths: 7,785

Hospitalizations: 3,085

Inactive/Recoveries: 565,197

Total tests: 5,858,864

Jan. 9

Cases: 646,450

Deaths: 7,704

Hospitalizations: 3,221

Inactive/Recoveries: 560,642

Total tests: 5,821,802

Jan. 8

Cases: 640,606

Deaths: 7,618

Hospitalizations: 3,249

Inactive/Recoveries: 559,625

Total tests: 5,789,702

Vaccinations: 215,427

Jan. 7

Cases: 634,237

Deaths: 7,492

Hospitalizations: 3,351

Inactive/Recoveries: 555,634

Total tests: 5,756,109

Jan. 6

Cases: 625,237

Deaths: 7,381

Hospitalizations: 3,332

Inactive/Recoveries: 548,838

Total tests: 5,716,342

Jan. 5

On January 5, the health department began reporting on vaccinations.

Cases: 617,649

Deaths: 7,267

Hospitalizations: 3,246

Inactive/Recoveries: 539,207

Total tests: 5,686,467

Vaccinations: 169,070

Jan. 4

Cases: 612,250

Deaths: 7,168

Hospitalizations: 3,213

Inactive/Recoveries: 530,494

Total tests: 5,673,239

As of January 3, 2021, Tennessee had reached 608,297 total cases, 7,025 total deaths, 3,176 current hospitalizations and 526,966 recoveries from the virus.

Guidance released by the CDC advises practicing preventative measures to help stop an outbreak in your community by:

- Avoiding contact with people who are sick

- If you are sick, stay home

- Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue

- Clean frequently touched surfaces daily

- Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

- Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol

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