Gatlinburg honeymooners see car ransacked by bear

A couple celebrating their honeymoon in Gatlinburg got an unexpected guest.
Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 9:31 PM EST
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GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT/WVTM) - A couple celebrating their honeymoon in Gatlinburg got an unexpected guest.

WVTM reports that last Saturday, newlyweds Katie and Blake Odgers settled into their cabin in the Smokies along with their beloved 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Two days ago, they spotted their uninvited guest, a black bear on the deck of their cabin.

The couple said it walked away shortly after.

But that wasn’t their last encounter.

Early yesterday morning, the couple was roused by a loud car horn. Blake got up and looked out the window at his Jeep, which appeared to be in perfect condition.

Just to check, Blake went outside and around to the driver’s side door. He opened it and came face to face with a roaring black bear. He left the door open and sprinted back to the cabin.

“He had been in there for a long time. After he got out and kind of moseys on down. We looked at the damage and it very quickly went from a moment of adrenaline to a moment of what just happened,” said Blake.

Neither Katie nor Blake could figure out how the bear got inside. There was not a scratch on the Jeep’s exterior. They ended up calling the police, who found that the inside of the vehicle was destroyed, with the steering wheel bitten in half.

“He went to the bathroom in the car. It was a wreck. We swear up and down it’s a habit of ours yeah the car if I have my keys with me, I press a button on the outside of the car it locks up and we always do that, but there’s no external damage,” said Blake.

WVTM reported that, according to the couple, the officer told them he’d never seen a vehicle destroyed like theirs. Insurance adjustors are now trying to determine if the inside of the vehicle is salvageable.

The couple said despite their unexpected encounter, they’re just trying to enjoy the time they have left in the area.

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